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Pokemon Platinum Hack Codes

Pokemon Platinum Hack Codes. I guess you'll need to find the correct mutiplier to reproduce what you are looking for. This is the code to rebattle trainers for the action replay.

Pokemon light platinum cheats!!! YouTube from

Change r4 cheats database file name from cheat.dat into usrcheat.dat now. 2) go to mount coronet. Visit this page to get this pokemon platinum master ball cheat.

(Just Go Up The Mountain, You.

Then, run desmume and open pokemon games. However there is a cheat that multiple exp gain from a fight (it goes from x2 to more, it goes to thousands). You must hold r as you press a on the trainer to battle.

7.1 Quick Exp Gain (Hold R At Wild Pokémon Fainted Message) 7.2 Super Exp Gain (Hold R At Wild Pokémon Fainted Message) 8 Egg Codes.

To activate it, go to your trainer card, hold r and press a. This guide is only for pokemon light platinum, but if you want to pokemon ruby reign of legends cheat codes, here is a list of action replay codes to get 900x of each pokeball. 8.1 instant egg (a) 8.2 instant egg hatch.

This Will Give You 995 Medicine Items Including Rare Candy, Full Revive, Full Restore, Etc.

Have 900x all special poke balls. 94000130 fcff0000 action replay code: With the master ball no pokemon can escape and you are guarateed to catch whoever you want to from your encounters.

Heres A Shiny Code That Makes All Wild, Legendendary, And Egg Pokemon Shiny.

Click ok after change cheats file. Walk up to the picture and the eyes will disappear but one step back and the eyes will open. Tap the link to get the pokemon platinum walk through walls cheat.

I Guess You'll Need To Find The Correct Mutiplier To Reproduce What You Are Looking For.

Unzip it (use winzip or winrar) and put into c:\desmume\cheats folder. You can get exp share item from a cheat. Gaming accessories and cheat devices for pokemon go, nintendo 3ds, nintendo ds, ps4, ps3, ps2, gamecube, wii and wii u.

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